6 de enero de 2011

[Portadas que enamoran] The Lost Gate de Orson Scott Card

En esta ocasion tenemos un libro de Orson Scott Card, el autor de El Juego de Ender (muy buen libro).

He aqui la sinopsis del libro (en ingles):

Danny North, descendant of exiled mages from another world, is taken aback when he comes into his true powers as a gatemage. He could reconnect his people with their long-lost home world, but gatemages are usually killed to maintain a fragile peace among the exiled clans. Fleeing his home, Danny finds refuge and slowly explores his potential, planning to open the first Great Gate in 14 centuries. Meanwhile, on the far-off world of Westil, a young gatemage named Wad finds love, conspiracies, and betrayal in a remote castle while struggling to recall his hazy past.

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