3 de octubre de 2011

[Fragmentos] Friday Night Bites de Chloe Neill

friday**Este fragmento puede contener spoilers de Friday Night Bites**

Time passed, the grounds quiet and empty around me. Since the night was waning, I dog-eared and closed the book and uncrossed my legs. As I stood, I glanced up at the back of the House. A figure stood at a window on the third floor, hands in pockets, facing the garden.

It was a window in Amber’s former room, the Consort suite beside Ethan’s, the rooms he’d cleaned out. She was gone, and so was the furniture; I couldn’t imagine that anyone but him would be in the room, much less staring into the garden.

I stood there for a moment, book in my arms, watching his meditation. I wondered what he thought about. Did he mourn for her? Was he angry? Was he embarrassed that he hadn’t predicted

The horizon began to purple. Since I had no urge to be caught in the sun, reduced to ashes because I’d been curled up with a paperback in the garden—or spying on my Master—I returned to the House, occasionally glancing up at the window, but he never changed position.

Peter Gabriel came to mind, his lyric about working just to survive. EthanEthan did that. Day in and day out, he kept watch over more than three hundred Cadogan vampires. We were a kind of kingdom, and he was the lord of the manor, the figurative and literal Master of the House. Our survival was a responsibility that fell upon his shoulders, and had since Peter Cadogan’s death.

It was, I realized, a responsibility I trusted him with. Ethan’s biggest fault, at least so far as I was aware, was his inability to separate that responsibility from everything else in this life.

Everyone else in his life.

And so, on a night in late May, I found myself standing on the lawn of a Hyde Park mansion of vampires, staring up at the stone-framed visage of a boy in Armani, an enemy who’d become an ally. Ironic, I thought, that I’d given up one ally today, but gained another.

Ethan ran a hand through his hair.

“What are you thinking about?” I whispered up, knowing he couldn’t hear me. Where was a boom box when you needed one?

Sé que el fragmento es algo largo :P pero me gusta el momento que captura, como Merit ve a Ethan, viéndolo con esa carga sobre sus hombros, su responsabilidad para con la casa Cadogan, una de sus mayores fortalezas así como debilidad. Y claro, me encanta porque me puedo imaginar claramente la escena mientras de fondo suena “In your eyes” de Peter Gabriel… lo sé, soy una romántica empedernida :P

Ahora, no negaran que la canción es súper linda y la imagen de John Cusack con el boom box es una para la eternidad (a la cual la escritora hace clara referencia) ;)John Cusack - Say Anything

Aquí les dejo la cancioncita… toda una pieza =D

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