1 de diciembre de 2011

[Fragmentos] Daughter of Smoke and Bone de Laini Taylor

Daughter-of-Smoke-and-Bone-198x300Hoy tenemos un 2x1 en la sección de fragmentos :D

La verdad es que este libro está lleno de fragmentos memorables, fue difícil escoger solo dos ^_^

Fragmento 1. Pagina 57

“Pavel likes you, you know,” said Karou. “He’s a certified non-orifice.”

“Yes, well, Pavel’s sweet, but he does not give of the butterflies.”

“The butterflies in the belly.” Karou sighed. “I know. You know what I think? I think the butterflies are always there in your belly, in everyone, all the time—”

“Like bacteria?”

“No, not like bacteria, like butterflies, and some people’s butterflies react to other people’s, on a chemical level, like pheromones, so that when they’re nearby, your butterflies start to dance. They can’t help it—it’s chemical.”

Fragmento 2. Página 238

Aleph was the first letter of an ancestral human alphabet, and the first letter of the Hebrew word truth; it was the beginning. Watching Karou rise to her feet, radiant in a fall of lapis hair, in a woven dress the color of tangerines, with a loop of silver beads at her throat and a look of joy and relief and… love… on her beautiful face, Akiva knew that she was his aleph, his truth and beginning. His soul.

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