7 de abril de 2013

[Fragmentos] Obsidian de Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian es una lectura divertida de principio a fin, para muestra dos botones! :D

Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was theObsidian holy trinity of hot boys.

Daemon stared at me hard. “We’re not from this planet.”

Okay. There. He said what I’d pretty much already figured was the truth, but that told me nothing. “What are you? A vampire?”

He rolled his eyes “Are you serious?” “What?” Frustration whipped through me. “You say you’re not human, and that limits the pool of what you can be! You stopped a truck without touching it.”

“You read too much.” Daemon exhaled slowly. “We’re not werewolves or witches. Zombies or whatever.”

“Well, I’m glad about the zombie thing. I like to think what’s left of my brains are safe,” I muttered. “And I don’t read too much. There’s no such thing as that. But there’s no such thing as aliens either.”

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