30 de julio de 2012

[Fragmentos] The Golden Lily de Richelle Mead

Me encanta está escena que se desenvuelve entre Dimitri y Sydney, es graciosa y linda. Nos muestra que tan encantador puede ser Dimitri :D

“You worry as much as me,” teased Dimitri. “I didn’t think that was possible.”The_Golden_Lily

“It’s my job to worry. I always have to make sure everyone’s okay.”

“Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to make sure you’re okay too. You might find it actually helps others.” I scoffed.

“Rose always joked about your ‘Zen Master Wisdom.’ Am I getting a taste of it? If so, I can see why she was helpless against your charms.” This earned me one of Dimitri’s rare, genuine laughs.

“I think so. If you ask her, she’ll claim it was the staking and decapitation. But I’m sure it was the Zen wisdom that won her in the end.”

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